Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's not evolution, it's just the truth nonetheless

That liberalism and atheism (and male sexual exclusivity) are associated with high Intelligence Quotients. Article HERE. I say Intelligence Quotient instead of IQ in order to prove that those of us who are believers in God and not particularly radical in either our political beliefs or theological constructs (and who just might have "put it about" a little more in our single years than we'd like to admit to our children and grandchildren) still know what the abbreviation stands for.

It's not - as is frequently maintained - a question of evolution. Theism "helps people to be paranoid" and so keeps them looking over their shoulders where, coincidentally, they see the lion and the bear creeping up on them and are able to run away and continue to add to the gene pool. Conservatism helps maintain solid tribal affinities and, hence, community survival. And, as the article helpfully adds at the end, intelligent people don't have large families.

So it's not evolution, then.

It's just a fact.

Well it's good to know that I can relax. It appears that I am as stupid as I feel sometimes and so are many of you. I actually find it strangely liberating! My father told me once that life would improve once I took it to heart that we don't really ever amount to anything. I can relax now.

I do see a few seams in the study as it's being presented on the CNN site and wonder whether any peer review was ever done on this man's work. But that might be, duh, wishful thinking.